DJ Basically Martha

February 28, 2020 - 209 views

Basically Martha here! 

‘No Fucks Given’ so don’t ask! 

Listen to my request nights! Why ? Cause it’s the funniest shit you’ll hear all day! 

I’m a Metal Mom and Grandma just out to make you smile, I like it loud as fuck cause when I listen to Metallica I know my neighbours love to hear it to! 

Listen to me and all my friends talk some funny shit funny topics and stories! Oh yeah and listen to some hard as fuck metal to, events happening and so much more. 

I’m no DJ so I put all my faith in the program directors hands.... let’s hope she does her job! 

I love crafting and shit cause I’m way better then Martha Stewart, Martha ain’t thug but hey Shout out to Martha I’m calling you out to join me in a cook off you bring snoop and I’ll have my thug, we’ll go get some tattoos and go see Glenda for a vagina waxing I’ll make you thug! 

I like the Karaoke, yeah I can really sing! 

So listen to me cause I’m fucking AWESOME! 


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