January 01, 2021


Tyler Miller writes, “Angela Earhart worked her butt off sewing custom face coverings during the outbreak, free of charge. She’s always doing something to help others… She deserves some recognition.” Earhart was nominated multiple times by half a dozen local residents.

Angela Earhart, a Lindsay local, estimates she’s sewn and donated “at least” 20,000 masks since the pandemic started. She says at first her daughter had just told her someone needed a mask, but that quickly turned into an 18-hour a day job.

“I made one and said, ‘Hey, this is easy,’” she says. “I was getting messages from the jail and hospitals… I was making 100 masks a day.”

Earhart is a natural networker who finds she’s often helping members of the community get what they need. She and her friend, Joe Morrin, do a lot of fundraising together. She credits another friend, Amanda Holmes, with helping them stay organized through their work.

“She’s the brains, he’s the professionalism and I’ve got the resources,” she says.

Leading up to Christmas, the trio put together Christmas stockings for seniors, and when they spoke with Kawartha Lakes This Week, they were heading into a charity raffle hosted on their weeknight radio show on They’d also just wrapped up a draw that raised $2,500 for autism support organizations.

Earhart attributes her sense of community, and want to give back, to a woman who supported her when she says she was an addict.

“She really taught me a lot, and she never turned away from me,” she says, noting she’s been clean for a decade now. She says now she does “whatever it takes” to help


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