January 25, 2021

Fear the Wolves is leading the pack with a unique new approach to modern

Established in Early 2019 by Bronsen Rasmussen, Allen Yang & Nick Svab, Fear
The Wolves has already been making waves in their local Vancouver & Fraser
Valley music scenes, one energetic show at a time. Known for their wild live
performances, they can easily turn any average bar into a larger than life,
stadium production - even if only for a 30 minute set.

Fear The Wolves is a band armed to the teeth with memorable hooks that
effortlessly tap into the popular modern rock sound of today, but at the same
time is nostalgic of early 2000‘s alternative grunge-rock (Theory of a Deadman,
Nickleback, Seether). This trio is making their mark in a clearly defined and
unique way, paying homage to the influences that they each pull from, as well as
their individual experiences in the industry (members of Chilled Clarity, and
many other projects, alongside a collective love of music production and custom
music equipment). With eclectic, memorable guitar riffs rising over a percussive
bass line and impeccably timed drums, even the most catatonic audience members
will find themselves sweating in the pit.

In the first 3 months following their debut performance in July of 2019, Fear
The Wolves released a digital single entitled “No Way”, was chosen to participate
in the Jim Beam “Best In Vancouver” competition 2019, and has started building a
strong back end team. Currently, the trio can be found playing weekly shows
around town when they are not in their studio writing and putting final
touches on what will be the bones of their debut album. With help from
producer Darren Grahn they are stepping into the studio to produce an
alternative rock album unlike it’s kind.

Sink your teeth into Fear The Wolves


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